We offer one of Harmony's first auto-compounding Vaults!

We have modeled our vaults after Polycat. We currently have 1 Burn Vault that uses 100% of the rewards to buy+burn our native FOX token. Creating perpetual demand!

Vault Benefits

1. Simple vs Compound Interest

Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it … he who doesn't … pays it. - Einstein

To really maximize your yield farms, you need to be compounding your rewards back into your investment. Below is a sample of what compounding will do for you over the course of 1 year.

APR = Simple Interest APY = Compound Interest

2. Our Vaults Auto-Compound

Our vaults auto-compound your tokens for you. And because the transaction costs are SO LOW on Harmony, we are able compound your rewards multiple times EVERY HOUR!

Normally you have to run through following transactions to compound your farm investment. I will use the 1ETH/1USDC farm on Sushiswap on Harmony

  1. Harvest rewards, receiving SUSHI and WONE

  2. Sell 1/2 SUSHI for 1ETH

  3. Sell 1/2 SUSHI for 1USDC

  4. Sell 1/2 WONE for 1ETH

  5. Sell 1/2 WONE for 1USDC

  6. Use the new 1ETH and 1USDC to create the 1ETH/1USDC LP Token

  7. Deposit LP Token back into Farm

  8. Handle the leftover dust from creating the LP token

Now to really take full advantage of compound interest, repeat this every 10 minutes...

Or just let the FarmersOnly vaults do this for you!

3. Taxes

In some countries, every single transaction is considered a taxable event. This is a nightmare for yield farmers, especially if you are compounding (see the steps to compound in the section above).

However, with vaults you only have to account for the deposit and withdraw transactions to and from the vault, and the vault does the rest in smart contracts. This massively simplifies tax accounting for DEFI.

Vault Fees

  • Deposit Fee - 0%

  • Withdrawal Fee - 0.2% to the treasury for development costs

  • *Reward Fees - 4%

    • Controller Fee: 0.4% to the deployer to pay for compounding gas fees

    • Treasury Fee: 0.6% to the treasury for development costs

    • Burn Vault: 3.0% to the Burn Vault 🔥 for auto-buybacks

*Reward fees are only applied on the farming rewards, not on your initial investment

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