The Zapper is a contract that drastically simplifies the process of creating and staking LP tokens. In order to stake in our vaults (or any vaults) you first need to create the LP token and then stake it. The Zapper handles all of that for you!

Contract (verified): 0xF0311506D4701418a0DB84A75FBb33bad9f87439

Vault Zapper

We currently have a vault zapper which lets you use $ONE to buy the underlying LP token and stake it in the vault.

This Zapper replaces up to 9 transactions! As well as removing the need to navigate to multiple web pages on multiple sites.

The old workflow:

  1. Go to Sushiswap trading interface

    1. Buy 1nd asset (and approve the trading token if needed)

    2. Buy 2nd asset (and approve the trading token if needed)

  2. Go to Sushiswap pooling interface

    1. Approve both tokens for Sushiswap

    2. Create LP token

  3. Come back to vaults page

    1. Approve vault to spend LP token

    2. Deposit LP tokens

Universal Zapper

We are working on a generic version of this to support zapping in and out of any LP token for any farm!

The Universal Zapper will have the following setup:

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